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Incorporate Mindfulness In The Classroom With These Proven Ways

27th July 2022


Did you know that Mindfulness is an age-old practice? Mindfulness helps in staying alert, aware, and accepting of the moment. Studies and research have revealed that students who practice mindfulness can improve their attention period, emotional guideline, empathy, and cognitive control. It additionally aids in lessening anxiety and negative thinking. Understanding the Mindfulness Studies said that mindfulness is the consciousness that happens when you focus on the present situation along wit ...

Written By : Sheetal Sharma

Why Mixed-Age Batches Are Gaining Fame In Montessori Schools?

12th March 2022


All of us have encountered a common thing in every aspect of life that with age comes experience. Well, I would love to contradict this particular and popular statement by giving a strong counter-statement. Imagine, an orphan girl who is growing up alone and is pretty aware of the fact that in the near future she has to do make something happen so that she can become financially independent because she does not have her parents to take care of her. Whereas, another girl who’s born and brou ...

Written By : Soma Rajashekhara