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Achieving Financial Stability For Special Need Parents

19th June 2023


In general, being a parent figure is not easy because it brings many responsibilities and challenges in life but at the same time it also brings joy and happiness as well in the life of every parent as their children grow in different aspects of life. However, when it comes to becoming a parent of specially-abled children then it brings a different set of challenges and responsibilities compared to other parents. There are certain emotional, financial, and medical costs of raising a child with ...

Written By : Abhishek

How To Handle And Teach Uncommon Or Rarest Learning Disabilities Students In Your Classroom?

17th February 2023


There are all sorts of different types of learning disabilities students may suffer from. Some students may suffer from Dyslexia, while others may have ADHD. However, there are some students who suffer from a less common & rarest learning disorder. These students often have a hard time getting the help they need because their disorders are not as well-known or understood. As a result, they can often feel lost and alone in the classroom. According to, 1 out of 20 children global ...

Written By : Abhishek

Cognitive Disorders: Types, Causes, And How Teachers Can Help Improve?

21st November 2022


Cognitive impairment is largely related to the brain since the brain is the most vital organ in our body. It is the reason why we eat, move, write, talk, and basically function as a whole. Thus it is essential to train the brain to be able to focus, think, learn and solve problems efficiently. However, in a classroom full of special needs students it is essential to recognize the cognitive difficulties to be able to nurture them better. To transform students into better human beings it is essen ...

Written By : Sanjana

The Importance Of An Intensive Classroom Is Impeccable

14th February 2022


The basic thing about an intensive support classroom is the same as a regular classroom but it provides extra support to learners who have special learning needs. An intensive support classroom can be an inclusive classroom as well where special needs teachers teach SEN children along with ordinary children. Generally, an intensive support classroom is held for a particular period of time so that a particular goal can be framed and the progress rate of learners can be thoroughly monitored. A t ...

Written By : Sonal Agrawal