Asian College of Teachers offers an array of custom-made teacher training courses to help aspiring ESL/EFL educators and Pre-Primary professionals to be well versed in modern skills to face classrooms across the world confidently. ACT's globally recognized course aims to prepare teaching aspirants to be a part of the global teaching community. The teacher training programs assist both newbies and working teachers to hone their teaching skills with the latest methodologies and approaches to Pre-Primary and TEFL teaching, providing a great opportunity to perform in 21st century classrooms.

ACT provides complete Academic Support

Asian College of Teachers provides all kinds of guidance and support to the trainees from the time they have enrolled till they complete their course. Trainees undertaking any Pre-Primary, Nursery, Montessori, or TEFL/TESOL course will be provided complete tutor support for their coursework and hone their teaching skills as well as opportunities to reflect on the different areas of the course material. They will help trainees familiarize themselves with the various aspects of teaching, training, and educational administration. The trainees will get sufficient and relevant study materials alongside useful video references. ACT’s course Videos are designed especially to make it interactive, interesting, and informative.

Tutors keep trainees engaged and motivated throughout

The trainees enrolling in any of the programs receive complete guidance from the experienced tutors of ACT. The tutors are committed to helping the students to achieve their learning goals. Their valuable experience provides great support to the trainees and guides them with all the aspects of teaching and gives valuable advice in every footstep. Additionally, they extend their training support by sharing vital information and answering questions related to the program content. They also assess the trainees throughout the course, keeps them engaged, and motivated.

Flexible learning for online/distance candidates

The online and distance teacher training programs of ACT offer the learners flexible learning. They can take the advantage of self-paced learning, clear all doubts as and when required. The online /distance learners can email their queries and expect a resolution within 12 hours. Trainees can also avail online chatting between 10 am and 6 pm. The tutors are continuously in touch with the trainees, whenever they need their advice on assignments and continue to monitor the development of the students. The tutors facilitate learning in every way and provide valuable feedback from time to time. ACT emphasizes the evaluation process and the tutors take up a maximum of 7 to 10 days in the evaluation process for online and distance trainees.