About Us

Asian College of Teachers is an outstanding training organization with its sole focus on high quality teacher education which boasts of a strong global presence with an impressive 50,000+ enrolments covering all levels of teacher education in the pre-primary, Montessori, nursery and TEFL domains.

Who are we?

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and there are numerous openings to teach English in various locations around the world as English has established as the global language. Asian College of Teachers started to explore the teacher training field in 2002. ACT is one of the leading teacher training institutes in the world which has been training teaching aspirants for a successful teaching career. ACT's offices are present all over the world (in locations like Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, India, South Korea, UK, France, Mexico, USA, South Africa etc). TESOL course can be considered as the flagship product of ACT which enabled the candidates to pursue successful teaching careers. However, Asian College of Teachers is a progressive institute and it did not restrict itself to TESOL only. ACT spread its wings and ventured into segments like management, pre and primary, trainer training etc.

With the advent of globalization English has become the language of the world as most of the business transaction, important communication etc are being conducted in English. It has generated the demand of people with English speaking ability at a rapid pace. So the latest scenario offers flourishing careers for ESL/EFL teachers and our TESOL certificate is a ticket to travel and teach around the world. TEFL teachers are offered good remuneration in Asia and Middle East. ESL teachers can find lucrative jobs in Latin America, Europe etc. This course is not only suitable for aspiring and experienced teachers but also appropriate for them who are interested to explore new places, culture, cuisine etc.

The Pre and Primary course of Asian College of Teachers has made an entry into the world of young learners as well. This course has been developed in 2010 and gradually has gained popularity. The USA government notarizes our certificate. The advantage of completing any course from ACT is that the candidates are conferred with certificates which have worldwide recognition. This international accreditation gives the candidates an edge over the other. The key of ACT's success story lies in dynamism. ACT is always eager to incorporate the latest methodologies, theories, teaching techniques etc to meet the demands of the market. We can proudly notify that ACT has churned out not less than 2000 students in the last few years. They are working in different schools all over the world. Offering various courses is not our only responsibility; we even cooperate with our candidates to find out suitable job. Asian College of Teachers works with a number of placement agents and guaranteed placement is offered to competent candidates.