Asian College of Teachers is in association with more than 20 prestigious educational global bodies. All the teacher training programs offered by ACT are accredited by national and international organizations. Trainees on completion of their course receive a globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers. The teacher training programs are accredited by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE), and in collaboration with Trinity College London offering Level 6 certificate for Practicing Teachers (RQF).

Why is accreditation so important?

The process of accreditation is the doorway to authenticity. With that in mind, the educational institute ensures standardized quality assurance. It is important for aspiring trainees to confirm the parameter of reliability before pursuing any course with an organization. Accreditation bodies are considered to be the stepping stone for recognition everywhere.

  • Accreditation provides validation and recognition of programs across the globe.
  • It is the means to quality control as the courses are being continually reviewed by external bodies.
  • It ensures that the educational institute maintains a high level of service quality.
  • Safeguards the reputation of the organization, and prospective employers. Assures the interest of the learner.
  • Accreditations are achieved only after scrutiny, intensive review, and evaluation of the educational programs offered by the institute. This includes all types of courses – online, distance, and both traditional, non-traditional forms of learning.

Accreditation, Endorsement, and Membership of ACT

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is proud to be associated with numerous influential professional organizations. The accreditation, collaboration, membership, and endorsement help ACT to provide superior quality of service worldwide. The array of teacher training courses provided by Asian College of Teachers are focused on 21st century learners with emphasis on contemporary teaching.

ACT and Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC)

Asian College of Teachers is accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). ASIC accreditation helps students and parents make a more informed choice and will also help a school, college, university, training provider or distance education provider, demonstrate to the international student body that they are a high quality institution.

ASIC is recognised by UKVI in UK, is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in USA and is listed in their International Directory, is a member of the BQF (British Quality Foundation) and are institutional members of EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network).Read More...


  • CACHEThe courses offered by Asian College of Teachers are accredited by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE). QAHE is an independent, private and international organization, funded through fees charged for its accreditation services to Certification Bodies and Training Organizations. QAHE recognizes higher education institutions for research performance, student services, and teaching quality to value the confidence of the public. Read More...

  • CACHEThe globally acclaimed CPD Certification UK has certified Asian College of Teachers’ major programs – International Teaching Diploma, TEFL, Special Education Needs (SEN) Education Management & Leadership, and Train the Trainer. Thus, confirming the continuous professional development principles and benchmark of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certification signifies the training programs received by the educators and professionals are of high-quality training. 

  • TESOL CanadaAll our TEFL / TESOL Courses are accredited by TESOL Canada. "TESOL Canada" is an association of educators, TESOL teachers, TESOL instructors, TESOL graduates, Board of Federal Directors and Provincial Representatives across Canada with both national and international representatives. TESOL Canada programs are approved by the Ministry of Employment, Human Resources Development Canada HRDC, and authenticated through Ministry of Foreign Affairs for international use. TESOL Canada is the registered founding member of TESOL Quebec, TESOL Ontario, and TESOL British Columbia. Internationally TESOL Canada is an associated member of TESOL U.S.A., TESOL European Union EUTA, TESOL Asia, TESOL Middle East and TESOL South America. ACT's TESOL / TEFL Certificates are approved by TESOL Canada & TESOL U.S.A and certified through the Canadian Government. Our TEFL qualified students can also apply for TESOL Board exam through TESOL Canada to receive an exclusive TESOL Certificate that is certified and notarized by Canada and USA government.Read more..

  • CACHEACT's International Teaching Diploma (ITD) course is accredited by the World Certification Institute (WCI). WCI is a global authority on Occupational Certification, has accredited 700+ world universities and institutes to date. It recognizes cross-skill, competencies, and professional practices that signify occupational capacity, derived from internationally accepted best practices. Read More...

  • ISO CertificationAsian College of Teachers also aims to assure quality service with the British Standard Institution (BSI) – ISO Certification Body (ISO 9001:2015). BSI claims to have shaped best practices for over 100 years. Recognized international body committed to the highest standards of corporate governance – the fundamental to business success. Click to see Certificate | Read more....

Collaboration / Partnership

  • TESOL Canada Asian College of Teachers is the pioneer in teacher education in Asia in collaboration with Microsoft. Microsoft Certified Educator program is a professional development program, aimed to connect the innovative teaching and gap between technology skills among the 21st-century teaching fraternity. MCE certification validates educators with the global educator technology literacy competencies needed to provide a great learning environment for the learners.

  • Trinity College London Asian College of Teachers is proud to in partnership with Language Point UK present the prestigious Trinity College London Level 6 Certificate for Practicing Teachers (RQF) in online study mode. The two unique courses are Trinity College CertPT for language educators and Trinity College CertPT course for online educators.

    ACT’s partnership with Trinity College London to offer high-quality programs for teaching professionals who will get the opportunity to combine their work and professional development in an online mode. This qualification is regulated at level 6 on the UK Government Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), making it equivalent in level to the final year of a bachelor's degree at university.

  • Fort Hays State UniversityEuropean International University – Paris is a private, independent higher education provider offering higher education programs that are different from the French National Curricula and Programs leading to French Government accredited university qualifications. It falls under the French Public Higher Education sector. Authorized by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, in accordance to, and in compliance with the French Education Act: Code de l'Education Articles L 444-1 to 444-11 and R 444-1 to 444-28.Read more....

  • Trinity College LondonACT has also established a reputable academic partnership with Europoass – the biggest provider of Teacher Training Courses in Europe. This collaboration offers Asian College of Teachers expands internationally, enabling it to provide recognized teacher training programs in various modes of learning. All these courses support educators to enhance their English Language skills, acquire valuable tools and strategies to become globally competent teaching professionals.

    Europass has trained over 20,000 teachers, administrators, and support staff over 10 years. The online academy is a branch of Europass Teacher Academy, the largest provider of face-to-face teacher training courses in Europe. A true pioneer of e-learning offers online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers willing to hone their skills and collaborate with international professionals working in the educational field. The Training Company (ISO 9001:2015) is officially recognized by the Tuscan Region, code: 002282_1.


    •  All India Council of EducationAsian College of Teachers is a member of the International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT). IALLT provides leadership in the integration of instructional technology into foreign language classroom-based in the U.S. Since 1965, the organization prioritizes sharing pedagogical and technical knowledge in an open community of like-minded professionals. Their collaboration with professionals from varied fields and countries to participate and share expertise/experience to bring together learning projects. Providing complete support to the member institution.

    •  All India Council of EducationACT is also a member of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CPD certification service in the UK was established in 1996, holds independent CPD accreditation institutions, operating across industry sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development Policies of Professional institutions and academic bodies. CPD Certification implies – learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. It ensures the learning value has been scrutinized to maintain quality and integrity. The certification provides recognized independent CPD accreditation compatible with the global CPD requirement.

    •  All India Council of EducationAsian College of Teachers (ACT), owns membership from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. ACTFL is a membership organization with more than 13,000 language educators and administrators from elementary through graduate education as well as government and industry. ACTFL since its inception (1967) has empowered educators as per the 21st century enabling them to thrive globally. The body also helps government agencies to build language capacity in the U.S and abroad, connecting businesses with resources and relationships they need to succeed.

    •  All India Council of EducationAsian College of Teachers is an organizational member of Childhood Education International (CEI) – comprising specialists in over 35 nations seeking innovative solutions to education challenges by providing professional development opportunities, technical assistance, and consultation services all over the world. With 50k educators and child advocates in the community, it has made a strong impact globally for more than a century with 43 years of contribution to United Nations initiatives and 40+Nations using our International Code of Ethics for Educators.

    •  All India Council of EducationACT is a member of The National Association of Special Education Teachers. The only national membership organization dedicated to meeting the need of special education teachers and those preparing to enter the field of special education. NASET works to maintain the standard of excellence and innovation in special education research, practice, and policy to promote exceptional teaching for each child and adolescent with special needs.

    • ISTDAsian College of teachers is now a proud member of International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL). Membership number 32935. IATEFL is a global professional membership association and also a UK registered charity, acts as a community. This platform is committed to provide numerous opportunities through a platform to ELT teachers across the world – to connect, learn, grow, share, and develop while promoting ACT’s accreditation credibility.
    •  All India Council of EducationAsian College of Teachers is a member of the European Association for International Education as well. EAIE is driven by a global team of dedicated experts in the field of international education, who volunteer their time and skills to lead the association. EAIE aims to use its broad network of expertise and resources to help shape the future of international higher education.

    • ISTDACT is a proud institutional member of the Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD), affiliated to the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO), Geneva, and Asian Regional Training and Development Organizations (ARTDO), Manila.

    • Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is also a proud member of India's prestigious quality endorsement foundation under the Government of India - The Quality Council of India (QCI). See membership certificate

      AECED ACT is an institutional member of The Association for Early Childhood Education & Development (AECED), TATA Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar, Mumbai - 400 088

       All India Council of EducationAsian College of Teachers a part of the Organizational Member of All India Council of Education (AICE) wherein ACT is authorized to grant all rights and privileges that comes with being an AICE member. AICE is India's leading recognized professional society which is registered with Govt. of India as a non-profit organization of higher learning. Such collaboration with an esteemed organization like AICE certainly provides an extra mileage to the courses provided thereby helping our candidates when it comes to pursuing higher courses or finding a good job as AICE is recognized by most international institutes and organizations. See membership certificate
      Early Childhood Association Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is also a member of the esteemed Early Childhood Association (Membership Number is ECALM01389). ECA aims to reach out with all the endeavors for childhood initiatives and child rights. ECA acts as the one-stop connection for the enrichment, networking, awareness, and advocacy of childhood and everything related to it and extends its help to professionals, teachers, people who deal with children through their work in Balwadi, daycare centers, rural crèche, teacher training colleges, and entrepreneurial network by providing them with every resource.

      Montessori EuropeACT is an institutional member of Montessori Europe –an organization working for networking, collaboration, exchange, to provide mutual support, create synergies and increase motivation for Montessori educators and institutions. Click to see Certificate

      ISTD Asian College Of Teachers is an institutional member of the International Association of Special Education. IASE promotes awareness and understanding of issues and developments related to the education and welfare of individuals with special needs across the world.


    • Cambridge EnglishAsian College of Teachers, the leading teacher training institute of Asia is an authorized center for conducting Cambridge TKT Exam all over India. TKT – Teaching Knowledge Test is conducted by Cambridge to assess the basic teaching knowledge of an individual. All the authorized TKT centers are inspected by Cambridge English Language Assessment, ensuring each center meets the guidelines and standards. TKT is appropriate for all aspirants who are eager to develop their teaching careers. Supports all individuals, seeking to harness modern English teaching methodologies and approaches for teaching careers.

    • NCC Education is an awarding organization and a global provider of British education that endorses the courses of Asian College of Teachers. In more than 50 countries NCC Education offers a complete educational solution to their global network of Accredited Partner Centers. NCC, a British Government initiative was founded in 1966, over these past 50 years they have extended their higher education portfolio. NCC endorsements of courses showcase the academic excellence and high quality of Asian College of Teachers' self-development qualifications.

    • Asian Montessori Education, advocates and preserves the educational legacy of Maria Montessori. AME is committed to advance the Montessorian legacy by spreading awareness. They also design and develop courses aligning with Maria Montessori’s contribution to pedagogy endorses the Montessori courses of Asian College of Teachers. AME develops accomplished Montessori educators – trained in Montessori principles and practices to ensure a positive impact in today's classrooms.

    • The eLearning Guild is the oldest and most trusted source of information, networking, and community for eLearning professionals.

    • ACT is registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

    • Teachers FirstACT supports and endorses Teachers First initiatives - TeachersFirst is a rich collection of lessons, units, and web resources. Designed to save teachers time by delivering just what they need in a practical, user-friendly, and ad-free format. Busy teachers, parents, and students can find resources using our robust search tools.