Why Teach English In Saudi Arabia?

22nd November 2021

Blogs The definition of a dream job varies from person to person. For some, it's the location and for some, it's the money that matters. No matter how different people's expectation is, each TEFL destination has different things to offer, Saudi Arabia offers an ample amount of job opportunities with lucrative perks and tax-free salary. ...

Written By : Soma Rajashekhara

The Unique Patterns Of Democratic Leadership

21st October 2021

Blogs Democratic or participative management is often the talk of the town because of its ample amount of advantages. Employees feel extremely comfortable while working under the supervision of a democrat rather than an autocratic leader.The participative management style aims at active employee participation in decision-making.  The employees feel being valued and their skills increase. ...

Written By : Ashwini Chandra

Helpful Ways To Do Formative Assessments In Your Virtual Classroom

27th September 2021

Blogs Giving knowledge to the learners is very important. But as teachers, it is very important to understand if the knowledge is going in a proper direction and assess their learning. Thus, assessment plays a key role in the effective teaching-learning process. ...

Written By : Sonal Agrawal

Improve School Performance With Distributive Leadership

10th September 2021

Blogs School leaders who can use teacher's abilities effectively can succeed to operate from a high level. The key to transformational leadership is in knowing how to be the leader of the leaders. School leaders when use their leadership responsibilities in creating collaborative approaches in instructional and operational tasks can bring improved sustainable ways towards students’ achievement. ...

Written By : Sheetal Sharma

Mastering The Art Of Coping Different Changes As An ESL Teacher

26th August 2021

Blogs Coping through shifts and changes is a huge part of the educational world. ESL educators can navigate through the times when they are well aware of the current scenario, embrace the changes to come up with a mindset of moving forward to create a learning environment to transition through different changes. ...

Written By : Ashwini Chandra

Is The Montessori School Appropriate For A Gifted Child?

11th August 2021

Blogs Being the prominent approach of Early Childhood Education, Montessori education proves to be helpful for the all-around development of the children. Sensorial development happens through practical activities and self-learning.   ...

Written By : Soma Rajashekhara