Asian College of Teachers offers an array of Workshops and Seminars, specially designed for teachers, trainers, administrators, school managers etc. to develop their skills. Candidates willing to participate can also look forward to relevant materials, effective guidelines, best practices and latest methods to upgrade their knowledge and hone their teaching skills to succeed in their career. ACT’s seminars (1 day) or workshops (2 - 4 days) are aimed at teachers, comprising of topics that provide a clear and practical focus to equip today’s teachers with latest teaching methodologies so that they can understand their learners better and create a positive classroom atmosphere. The workshops/seminars are apt for today’s teaching professionals who are willing to brush up their existing skills and can even be attended by parents, consultants and those related to the education sector.

Why should you attend?

  • A seminar/workshop is apt for working professionals
  • Know your strengths to become an effective educator
  • Get equipped with the skills to teach today’s global classrooms
  • Learn the latest methods to inculcate your learning into your students
  • Individual attention paid to one and all
  • Get introduced to international teaching standards
  • Get a detailed idea of the skills necessary to teach today’s global classrooms
  • Teach in primary, elementary, secondary classrooms
  • Know the ways to manage a class full of diverse learners
  • Get the knowledge of different job roles and opportunities

Who will conduct the workshop?

The workshop will be conducted by our skilled and certified trainers who are accomplished trainers abroad.

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop has been tailor made for those with a passion for teaching young learners during their developing years. The workshop/seminar aims to cater to:

  • Graduates who are fresh out of universities
  • Youngsters looking for a job in the field of education / teaching sector
  • Anyone in a mid-career crisis and looking for a career change
  • Experienced teachers or retired professionals looking for a greater exposure
  • Travellers with a passion for teaching


Innovative 21st Century Teaching Strategies

ACT’s 3 days’ workshop has been designed with an aim to acquaint aspiring/working teachers with the contemporary 21st century teaching methods and related techniques. The workshop will aid in creating expert and specialized knowledge and latest information for teachers that will offer them a complete guideline that they require to remain updated with the latest developments in the field of teaching and learning. The workshop comprises of topics that touch upon teaching methodologies and techniques. It also puts an emphasis on areas like evaluation & assessment, TPACK, Inquiry Model etc. As far as making time for attending this workshop is concerned, jcu6it will easily fit into your busy schedule.