Mastering The Art Of Coping Different Changes As An ESL Teacher

26th August 2021

The educational field across the world is experiencing a massive change. We are in fact experiencing the shift across schools and online learning platforms continuously, with that being said the expansion in the sector of EFL/ESL teaching profession is creating more and more pressure for ESL educators to cope up with changes spontaneously. Though teaching as an EFL teacher comes with a lot of perks, it also brings new challenges now and then.

Teaching in itself is often regarded as a demanding profession and for language teachers along with the workload, bringing innovation, adaptiveness and an enjoyable learning approach seems to be automatically added to the do list.

To add to that, with changes comes a new set of stress. It is very common to anticipate what is and whatnot. For teachers, the best way to prepare for changes is to know it is undeniable. You cannot escape that, but when done with the right mentality, setting down with the newness is not much difficult.

3 stages of coping through changes and shifts for teachers in the ESL field –

Attitude of Acceptance to move forward

Changes in the education industry can be both subtle and sudden. Being mentally prepared to develop the skills and adapting to the changes is the only way to move forward. When you know changes are anticipated, there is no reason to sit back, instead of doing your part. Starting from curriculum to teaching instruction and methods at times changes can happen instantaneously. English language teaching techniques over these few years have taken a massive turn. This has resulted in creating a high demand for EFL/ESL teaching profession to meet satisfactory standards and to keep up with the trend.

When it comes to teaching, like each student, every teacher is unique and so is their style and approach. However, the fast growing field such as ESL needs teachers who understand 21st century learning, its students and seeks ESL educators who acknowledge the shift.


Take Initiatives to Manage Continuity

Adapting to newness takes time. It requires dedication from teachers to meet the on spot demand and to prevail in those changing circumstances. To manage continuity, ESL educators can need to be bold in their approach, prioritize what the school is asking for the teacher to deliver and what is the timeline to make those adjustments. Sorting things out while you have some time, discussing your ideas with colleagues and friends can be one quick way to reflect.

Apart from this, you can set a realistic goal and create an action plan for the changes with a deadline. This will allow you to keep track of your expectation and will also help you build a better visual approach towards your aim.

Transition from coping to improving

With much preparation and thought to the plans, the transition from coping to improving is much easier and smoother. For teachers who can take advantage of the first two stages, embracing changes towards improvement is not much difficult. Whether is adapting to new learning methods or mode – remote or online learning, ESL educators certainly need to evolve and grow for new better approaches.

This can be better executed by using the right resources and materials that can come in handy. For instant now that technology is a huge part across the educational field, teachers should learn how to use it with flexibility; they should also learn how to use that to make learning a better experience for the learners.

In the midst of the unprecedented time, EFL/ESL teaching profession has definitely shown prospects, but for ESL teachers this is a time when balancing work life and personal life has become a bit tricky. Nonetheless, changes are inevitable, whether it's happening quickly or not, which is why, ESL teachers need to navigate today's teaching scenario with a prepared mind – plan ahead, take time for reflection and strive to keep the improvement irrespective of circumstances.

The educational industry will never stop evolving, pacing up with the acceleration can only ensure a better EFL/ESL career. It is integral to maintain the quality while moving through shifts and diversity.

Written By: Ashwini Chandra

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