Helpful Ways To Do Formative Assessments In Your Virtual Classroom

27th September 2021

Assessments are an integral part of the instruction. Without assessment, the effective learning process could not happen. The teaching-learning process comes with proper assessment.

Following are a few of the reasons why assessments are important –

  • It helps the teacher understand the learner's needs and requirements.
  • Based on assessments, the teacher can make necessary changes in the lesson planning.
  • Patterns in the delivery of the lesson plan can be changed or modified.
  • The curriculum can be designed based on the assessments.
  • Helps to understand student’s progress and track their growth.
  • It stresses the instructions by stressing the importance of critical thinking, reasoning, and reflection.

The above mentioned are a few of the reasons why assessment is very important in instruction. Thus, for an effective and efficient teaching-learning process, assessment is very important.

When there was a physical classroom, it was earlier for teachers to assess the learners as they were physically present in the classroom and there was a kind of physical touch and connection between the learners and the teacher.

Now, due to the pandemic, there has been a shift to the online classroom from the traditional and physical classroom. Initially, it was very difficult for the teachers to figure out the various teaching methods and assessments that can be used in the online classroom. But now, teachers are also seen comfortable with this new way of teaching and have got accustomed to this way of schooling.

Along with the teaching strategies, it is also very important to consider the various assessment techniques. There is not only one way of doing the assessment. Assessment can be done in many ways. The different types of assessments are formative and summative, formal and informal, etc.

Let us look at some ways in which effective formative assessment can be done –

Polls – there are virtual polls that a teacher can use in the classroom. A question with three to four options can be given to the learners. Polls are very effective ways of understanding the learner’s knowledge. This can be done in between the session to check the current knowledge, at the end of the session to understand the learning and to summarize the lesson, and can also be done at the start of the class to revise the previous day's topics with the learners.

Chatbox – learners can be made to type a short paragraph in the chatbox. This can help in understanding the spelling knowledge of the learners. This will also help to understand the spelling construction and grammar formation in the sentence.

Use of reactions – Students can use reaction buttons that are there at the virtual meeting applications and sites. Raise hands, thumbs up, etc. are some of how the learners can express their knowledge.

Debates – Debates can be done in the virtual classroom also. The group can be divided into two groups and debates can be held with this clarifying the rules and instruction before the session.

Quiz – short quizzes during the session are very useful and one of the best ways for formative assessments for the learners.

Videos/podcasts – in this digital era, it is very important to incorporate technology in the learners. Teachers can ask the learners to create a short video or help the learners and encourage them to create a podcast to thus understand their knowledge. Thus encouraging them to be more creative and building their critical thinking skills.

Breakout rooms – Divide the class into several breakout rooms and give them opportunities to collectively discuss topics and have a group presentation kind of thing wherein their collaboration and communication skills are boosted.

So above mentioned are a few of the techniques where effective assessment can happen. The advantage of using this technique is this is not at all boring for the learners. There is a lot of assessment happening without actually letting the learners know about it.

Thus, a Masters's and Bachelor’s degree in Teacher Training will help teachers and aspiring teachers to come up with more innovative techniques for assessing the learners in different ways as it is also a very important part of the curriculum and instruction.

For aspiring teachers, a globally recognized International University degree will thus help to boost your resume and add in more weightage. Teachers are also continuous learners, thus it is very important to constantly keep on upgrading their skills in knowledge.

Written By: Sonal Agrawal

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