Why Teach English In Saudi Arabia?

22nd November 2021

Among all the top destinations for teaching English abroad, Saudi Arabia is now one of the hot places for TEFLers. Teaching English in Saudi Arabia comes with an opportunity to live in one of the finest and richest countries.

Undoubtedly, this can be a great exposer to understanding Islamic culture and knowing more about its immersion. While Saudi Arabia can be strict and conservative in comparison, for teachers who are eager to get a sense of a completely different culture, this incredibly beautiful country offers a lot to explore.

Earn Good Money

The lucrative salary and benefits packages in Saudi Arabia are something TEFL educators can’t pass by. Teaching English in Saudi Arabia offer job opportunities starting from Kindergarten, elementary, middle, and secondary school. Also working in private language schools, colleges and universities are often alluring too.

Check out why!

  • Depending on the qualification and experience, certified teachers can expect to earn between $3,000 and $4,000 per month.
  • Tax-free salary which is a huge blessing on the saving part.
  • Other perks include accommodation or an accommodation allowance, health insurance, contract completion bonuses, and many more.
  • Generally, teaching time is around 25 to 36 hours per week, which may vary from organization to organization.

Now, How Can You Teach There?


As compared to other TEFL destinations, Saudi Arabia does look for teachers who are well qualified. A bachelor's degree is a must-have for teachers who want to teach in schools or in a language institute.

And educators who are seeking an opportunity at college or university level, a master's degree is required. Alongside, a professional degree is another must-have, which is a TEFL/ TESOL certificate, teachers who have completed their TEFL course which minimum 120 hours of the course curriculum.

How To Find Jobs!

The recruiting months for Saudi Arabia schools in August or the end of June, most frequent recruitment in school happens before August, however, it is still possible to find job opportunities throughout the year.

There are several ways to find a teaching job in Saudi Arabia, either you can look directly look for jobs and apply to desired school or institute. Or you can seek support from a third-party recruitment company. Whatever you choose for yourself, it is good to research a bit on the teaching job market to get a better grip on your job hunt.

One Thing To Know About Saudi Arabia!

Because the custom of Saudi Arabia leans more towards conservative ideology, what’s important to know follow the rules and laws of the country. Being respectful towards the sentiment of the customs and expectations of the localities. Other than that, Saudi Arabia is a combination of desert plains and coastal areas, which makes it a place to experience both hot and cool weather on the same day.

Final Words

For many TEFL aspirants, Saudi Arabia may not be the first dream place to work, but undoubtedly, the salary is lucrative to draw attention. Saudi Arabia is definitely a good place to work as a TEFL educator if an individual is looking for a good start on making money and saving a lot at the same time. It may not be a long-term goal, but working there can definitely be an option for those who are career-oriented.

Though the prospect of working in Saudi Arabia may seem daunting at first, the perk does make it lucrative enough to turn the dead for a while. Plus, you don't really need to speak Arabic to live there. Sure there are certain factors to weigh before taking a leap, nonetheless, it is a safe country to work and live. And TEFL course can help you to kick start Teaching English in Saudi Arabia.

Written By: Soma Rajashekhara

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