Is TEFL/TESOL Certification Compulsory If You Are Already A Trained and Experienced Teaching Professional?

26th November 2020

Blogs A TEFL certification is not just for the students and travel enthusiasts; thousands of well-qualified teachers nowadays choose to teach English overseas and online as well. Online TEFL will allow anyone to teach English as a foreign language effectively, with the required knowledge. ...

Written By : Debalina Chakraborty

How has India’s 1st Digital State Kerala planned the Virtual Classes for the children with special needs?

12th November 2020

Blogs Kerala is India’s most literate state and the education department of the state has also been making constant efforts to reinforce the public education system.There have been many remarks for and against the move for virtual classes in Kerala when it comes to children with special needs. ...

Written By : Gargi Sen

Online Education is the Future in Kerala As the Kerala Government Declares Total Digitization of School Education

29th October 2020

Blogs Recently, Kerala has become the first state in India to announce the implementation of all the possible ways to achieve total Digitization of school education. The outreach of different educational programs is enlightening day by day with the digitalization of education in the overall learning process.   ...

Written By : Debalina Chakraborty

Government's Training for Teachers Amid COVID 19 Lockdown Period in India is More On Digital Learning

9th October 2020

Blogs Most schools, teachers as well as parents were not prepared to handle the world’s biggest lockdown being announced in India. With little preparation, the quickness with which teachers have been rushed into online teaching amid the lockdown is quite crucial. Therefore, the Government of India initiated the new emphasis for teacher training for teachers amid the COVID 19 lockdown period in India. ...

Written By : Rimpa Ghosh

Plan Your Teach Abroad Career with Teacher Training Courses in Kerala

24th September 2020

Blogs While planning for teaching abroad career it is very much important to know what are the qualifications you need, how to get a visa, advice on choosing the right program, where to teach, and so on. Whether you’re already a passionate teacher or wishing for becoming a teacher one day, finding a teaching position overseas can give you a life-changing international career. ...

Written By : Bappa Roy Chaudhury

How To Overcome Learning Barriers in Teaching?

18th September 2020

Blogs If the barriers are appropriately understood, they become easier to defeat. In this blog, we study the different disputes of achieving the learner’s engagement and attention in a classroom. When it comes to classroom management, there are many barriers that stop an effective teaching-learning experience. ...

Written By : Bappa Roy Chaudhury