Role of Educational Leaders in Curriculum Development

28th June 2021

Blogs The quality of education is one hundred percent dependent on curriculum development. Administrative leaders have a big part to play in it. Apart from the managerial and operational role, the educational leader needs to supervise curriculum development. With appropriate strategies, delegating the responsibilities, and conducting result-oriented meetings educational administrator can facilitate curriculum development. ...

Written By : Angira Mitra

Importance of Information Literacy in Primary School

21st June 2021

Blogs There are different types of literacy skills like financial literacy, education literacy, computer literacy, etc. It has now become the part of our lives and we use it in different walks of our life. Educators need to be aware of this and help the future generation to have strong literacy skills. ...

Written By : Angira Mitra

Ways of supporting Multilingual Learners in Hybrid Classrooms

26th May 2021

Blogs Teaching has been a profession with great demand. There has been a lot of competition in the field of teaching in the 21st Century. There have been a lot of changes in the teaching methods and the entire teaching scenario as the needs and demands have changed. ...

Written By : Soma

Ways To Promote Inclusivity In Digital Classroom

12th May 2021

Blogs To provide a supportive learning environment for students with learning differences, a teacher can clarify learning goals, create multi-model structured content, and provide them enough time and space to enhance their learning skills.   ...

Written By : Soma

Can Someone Teach English Abroad Without A Teaching Degree?

29th April 2021

Blogs Teaching has always been a great profession. But it comes with a lot of degrees and criteria. So at such times, it gets difficult to fulfill their passion. But fortunately, we can look for other alternatives and do what we love. ...

Written By : Rutuja

Steps To Become A Special Needs Teacher

20th April 2021

Blogs There are some children who need special attention and special guidance so there are different ways to deal with such children.  There are different core areas that as a teacher is very important for you to know. These children need lesson plans based on individual learning style. ...

Written By : Rutuja