Steps To Become A Special Needs Teacher

20th April 2021

Blogs There are some children who need special attention and special guidance so there are different ways to deal with such children.  There are different core areas that as a teacher is very important for you to know. These children need lesson plans based on individual learning style. ...

Written By : Rutuja

Nutrition And Yoga In Montessori Classroom

26th March 2021

Blogs School curriculum these days are developed considering fitness and nutrition of children. In this changing era children are more acquainted towards junk food, excessive use of technology, etc. Play is no more included in their daily routine. Television and more of advertisements of junk food has created a lot of craziness of children towards the junk food. ...

Written By : Rutuja

Cooperative Learning - Teaching English

11th March 2021

Blogs Cooperative learning has become a popular rage among various schools and institutions following global standards of facilitation. If carefully followed in a class, it not only yields productive results but also lets the students build a meaningful relationship with the teacher and their peers. Interestingly enough, it can also be applied to ESL classrooms. ...

Ideas That Work Well For Managing The Student-Cursing

19th February 2021

Blogs A highly qualified special education teacher is best suited to help children face and overcome challenges while striving to be the best. A special educator is a person who observes the student, understand them and try to address their needs and help them to grow and learn confidently. ...

Written By : Rutuja

5 Useful Nursery Teaching Strategies To Blend 21st-Century Aptitudes

2nd February 2021

Blogs The blog shares details to discover and learn the five different 21st-Century teaching approaches in order to create a better nursery teaching learning experience. ...

Written By : Soma

A Complete Guide To Your Teacher Planner: How To Use it Effectively!

13th January 2021

Blogs Learn why it is important for you to make teachers planner and how you can make one for yourself to maximize your efficiency as a teacher. A teacher’s job is both demanding and often stressful. To cope with today’s formal learning environment planning becomes a vital part. Teacher planner allows a teacher to be prepared ahead of time, goal-oriented and reduce the workload with potential strategies. ...

Written By : Angira Mitra